Celebrates outstanding strategy, campaign or media executions. The award acknowledges a business in any industry that demonstrates consistent branding, strong advertising, public relations, promotion, or sales achievements. Consumers and suppliers easily recognize this entity for their branding, creative or media.

Nomination considerations include, but are not limited to: logo design and implementation, use of varied media, consumer awareness, leading by example, community involvement, event or cause sponsorship, enhancement of business premises, online presence, and more. 

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Celebrates an individual, organization or event in the arts community (music, theatre, dance or visual arts). This award acknowledges an individual, organization or event that contributes or has contributed to the cultural vibrancy of our community. The efforts of this entity contribute to opportunities, experiences and awareness of artistic talent in Kawartha Lakes.

Nomination considerations include, but are not limited to: leadership in the arts, innovators, supporters, artists, performers, galleries, studios, events, venues, and more.

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Celebrates exemplary customer service, customer retention or customer relationship management. The award acknowledges a business, independent retailer, franchise or dealer of goods or services in any industry that is committed to best customer service practices. This business is reputed for being customer centric and the efforts stand out clearly and contribute to our community offering.

Nomination considerations include, but are not limited to: storefront or interior appeal, presentation of products, quality of selection and service, customer conveniences, guarantees and warranties, overall approach to service, telephone manner, complaint resolution, reception area comfort, staff professionalism, product knowledge, attention to customer need, reputation, and more.

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Celebrates outstanding innovation in any manufactured product, component or service within the Kawartha Lakes, within the given year. The submissions must illustrate how the business’ innovation improved existing products and/or created new jobs and impacted the local economy.

Nomination considerations include, but are not limited to: large and small businesses, businesses in the manufacturing or agriculture sectors.

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Celebrates the emergence of a new business or the evolution of an existing business which has been in operation in the Kawartha Lakes for three years or less. This business must have proven to be progressive in their operations. This entity demonstrates sound management, business excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, and exceptional success.

Nomination considerations include, but are not limited to: product or service innovation, adoption of new technologies, job creation, success and growth, sound employee relations, dedication to customer service, participation in new economic activities and community involvement, and more.

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This award acknowledges an agri-business, farm or association that preserves or strengthens Kawartha Lakes’ core industry. The efforts of this business enhance our economy and agricultural profile.

Nomination consideration can include but are not limited to: facilities, markets, farms, retails, distributors, growers, rural events, fairs and so much more.

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Celebrates a Not-For-Profit organization that demonstrates excellence in board governance (strong leadership abilities, strategic planning, partnerships and alliances), effective volunteer management, fundraising initiatives, successful marketing and promotion initiatives and effective program development.

Nomination considerations include, but are not limited to: purpose and mission of the organization, history of organization, board governance and leadership, strategic planning and execution abilities, effective program development, volunteer management, and fundraising success (marketing, promotion and media). 

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The Design Excellence Award recognizes the business or organization in the community that demonstrates the greatest contribution to the commercial viability of the community through construction, renovation or development.

Nomination considerations include, but are not limited to: business facility enhancement, consideration of surroundings, accessibility of design, and more.

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Celebrates a business or organization’s commitment to attract non-residents to Kawartha Lakes. The award acknowledges a business or organization in any category that lures visitors to our market. The efforts of this entity contribute to our local economy.

Nomination considerations include, but are not limited to: evidence of increased bookings, visitor spending, traffic counts, overnight stays, events and attractions attendance, and more.

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Celebrates an entity that provides health and wellness services to individuals or businesses. The recipient demonstrates a consistent adherence to excellent business practices necessary to deliver the highest quality service and support to their clients/customers. This entity executes best practices in all areas of their operation to ensure maximization of their capabilities and capacity. This operation demonstrates a commitment to the ongoing education, skills development or professional accreditation of its employees. The recipient shows a high level of care and concern for the community and has elements of social enterprise in their corporate culture.

Nomination considerations include, but are not limited to: Retirement Homes, Heath Centres, Health Care Professionals, Wellness Centres, Yoga, Patient Transfer, RMT, Fitness Studios, Chiropractor, Dental Hygienist and Dental Offices, etc.

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Celebrates a business’ commitment to youth career preparation. The award acknowledges businesses and organizations actively involved in school to work transition programs with high schools and post-secondary institutions. This entity contributes to retention and attraction of educated youth.

Nomination considerations include, but are not limited to: co-op programs, internships, placements, third party coaching or mentoring, and more.

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Celebrates a business or organization in any industry in the Kawartha Lakes renowned for its commitment to its employees. This award acknowledges a business or organization that provides an exceptional workplace. The efforts of this entity enhance job and career opportunities.

Nomination considerations include, but are not limited to: positive work environment, career growth path, professional development, staff support and recognition, commitment to work/life balance, and more. This nomination must come from the staff of the nominee.

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Celebrates a resident who through leadership and corporate curiosity has contributed to the economic wellbeing of Lindsay and District, by improving its community profile. This award acknowledges someone who has, through their actions, shown exemplary leadership and community spirit, visibly contributing to the improvement of community profile.

Nomination considerations include, but are not limited to: visionary leadership, quality workmanship, professional mannerism and exemplary customer service in business and the community, dedication and commitment to business endeavours, team spirit and inspiration to building a business culture.

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Celebrates a special resident (or honorary resident) of Lindsay and District who has contributed to the community in a manner above and beyond in a volunteer capacity. This award acknowledges the contribution made and ultimate benefits to the community. This individual has shown special efforts and has had a notable impact, which resonates within the community.

Nomination considerations include, but are not limited to: must be 18 years of age or older, demonstration of a lasting and meaningful volunteer contribution outside the bounds of paid employment, evident community pride, giving in nature, with no expectation in return, acts in the best interest of the community, a community leader.

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Recognizing Visionaries in all forms of Media. The Media Excellence Award evolved through a need to recognize and celebrate creativity, innovation, and those pushing the bounds of creative excellence in all forms of local media. This award recognizes communications that keep pace with our times  while recognizing how all demographics like to consume news, from younger to older generations.  This award is for marketers, broadcasters, publishers, designers, developers, innovators, visionaries and leaders in communication. We offer recognition for introducing new ideas directing and helping to set the pace for emerging media, and demonstrating excellence through print, broadcast, apps, mobile advertising, videos, mobile sites, podcasts and social media.

Nomination considerations include, but are not limited to:  publishers, journalists, news organizations, local associations or anyone who wishes to draw attention to a print, broadcast TV or radio or online media outlet that meets the criteriaTestimonials are strongly encouraged (maximum 5).

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Twelve awards have been given out by the Lindsay + District Chamber of Commerce to honour local businesses. The Chamber, partnering with Cogeco, recognized local individuals, groups and businesses to recognize those who go above and beyond to provide innovative products or services, develop exceptional new practices, and improve the community for all. Nominations are judged by a panel of judges outside of our community, comprised of Chamber of Commerce professionals across North America. 

The Awards of Excellence is presented annually by the Lindsay and District Chamber of Commerce & Cogeco, with support from multiple local sponsors. Following is a complete list of the 2020 winners, which was slowed down due to the pandemic. Video clips of scaled-down awards presentations were made to each business or individual and will be shared on  the LDCC’s social media platforms. @LDChamber on Facebook and Twitter, @LDChamber_ on Instagram. 


Marketing Excellence Award sponsored by 91.9 BOB FM:

Winner: Barton Creative

Health & Wellness Excellence Award sponsored by RBC:

Winner: Adelaide Clinic

Not-for-profit Excellence Award sponsored by

Stewart Morrison Insurance:

Winner: Women's Resources

Customer Service Excellence Award sponsored by CIBC:

Winner: Helix Hearing Care

Design Excellence Award sponsored by LDCC:

Winner: IG Wealth Management

New Business of The Year Award sponsored by

The Lindsay Advocate:

Winner: Cardinal (Homes) Plumbing & Electric

Media Excellence Award sponsored by Ward Lawyers:

Winner: The Lindsay Advocate

Innovation Excellence Award sponsored by LDCC:

Winner: Whitney Plastics

COVID-19 Hero Awards sponsored by LDCC:

Winner: Jason Ward - Ward Lawyers

Employer of the Year Award sponsored by COGECO:

Winner: The Commonwell Insurance

Business Leader of the Year sponsored by


Winner: Chad Broad - Home Hardware

Citizen of the Year sponsored by

IG Wealth Management:

Winner: Terry Foster


The Lindsay & District Chamber of Commerce will be the leading business and community development resource 

to enhance the quality of life for the City of Kawartha Lakes


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